• What is OEM?
    Original Equipment Manufacturer, means we do not have our own "brand"only make for other people's brands.
  • What is a dry suit?
    Providing that a suit is the correct fit and well maintained, a dry suit keeps you completely dry while underwater.
  • Can anyone buy?
    We require a minimum order of twenty suits in any one style.
  • Who designs the suit?
    You tell use your requirements and we will suggest the best design solutions.
  • Who do Aqualand make for?
    For some of the largest diving companies in the world, navies, special forces, fire/rescue services, oil companies and many others.
  • Can you have your logo on the suits?
    Yes! We can screen print or embroider your brand onto any of our products.
  • What guarantee/warranties do Aqualand offer?
    All suit leave the factory having been rigorously tested. We guarantee our suits for one year against any manufacturing faults.
  • How are suits serviced or repaired?
    Suits can be returned to us or we can provide all of the information and spares for you or your customer to do most repairs.
  • Which are best membrane or neoprene suits?
    No simple answer! Membrane suits have no insulating properties themselves so must be worn with other clothing. However, they tend to be the more comfortable to wear for long periods than neoprene suits.
  • Breathable or non breathable suits?
    Breathable are more comfortable out of the water but do not perform well at depths.
  • Heat-taped or hand-taped seams?
    Hand-taping is more expensive and less flexible, but is much more reliable and durable.
  • Why does Aqualand seal neoprene seams with urethane?
    We can make seams dry without it but urethane gives amazing long term strength and durability.
  • Why are there different thickness and grades of neoprene?
    On the surface, thicker neoprene is warmer but as you descend, a 3mm compressed suit offers the same insulation as a 7mm conventional suit but with greater flexibility.
  • What is the difference between latex and neoprene seals?
    Neoprene seal are warmer, slightly more comfortable an durable, latex seals are easier to put on, give a more watertight seal and are easier to replace.
  • Why do we fit different types of boots?
    Boots, sox and ankle seals are a vary important consideration when specifying a suit and should be matched with the end use.
  • Why do we not produce a suit using PU/PVC coated fabric?
    We have not yet found a PU or PVC coated fabric which passes our long term use test, although it is possible to use them to make a "cheap" suit.
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